Friday, August 6, 2010

Kifaru Compression Stuff Sack, sleeping bag size.

Here is my Kifaru Regulator compression stuff sack. Though it does not house a Kifaru regulator sleeping bag, it is still the best compression sack I have ever used! Unlike most stuff sacks that make things into tight little balls, this one compresses around the circumference of the bag. Letting you lay it flat in the bottom of your pack, where it won't cause hot spots on your back. These stuff sacks are made out of very lightwieght materials that are also very strong. The material they use is their Rhino Hide material. Only comes in coyote brown, which doesn't bother me at all.

Some size comparison shots with the Klean Kanteen. Here is my Wegenr 30 degree mummy bag in it's normal stuff sack

As you can see, pretty normal size for a no compressed bag. Although it has been in my compression sack and I feel it didn't come back to the full size it once was yet.

And here it is in the compression sack. As you can see, quite a dramatic difference. Even though this is an older bag that does not compress like I would like it to. But it does make it a manageable size for my pack, as well as making it fit where it should in my pack. I will include some detail shots of the sack to end this post. I highly recommend checking out Kifaru, they are a small company with big ideas on tactical packs!

Logo patch detail.
The stuff sack by itself.

The cord storage pocket.

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