Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ITW Nexus, a DIYers best friend!

Here is something that anyone who is into making their own DIY Tactical or outdoor gear, or for those that like to modify what they have, should never be without. A big ol bag of ITW Nexus hardware!! Everything in this bag I have used in one way or another. I have made my own lashing straps with the normal 1" fastex buckles. I have used web dominators on every pack I own. I have grimlocks on just about everything I have molle or pals webbing on. You name it, I have thought of a use for it.

A lot of the items in tis bag have been or will be used in my posts. A few of the posts I have coming up will show how I used them to modify items to make them, in my own opinion of course, better.

I buy most of mine from the Supply Captain, but I have seen them sold everywhere. Even on ebay, I believe the Supply Captain is the one on ebay you can find them through actually. I'm not sure how to find the company itself, the ITW Nexus site and the ITW Fastex site have no trace of these products. Could be you have to contact them to find out what is in their military line.

Below will be pics of the items I have on hand right now. I will always get more of these items, simply because the company is amazing and their quality is top notch.

1" GT surface mount side release buckles in foliage.
1" GT side release buckle permanent in foliage.

1" QASM (quick attach surface mount) buckles in tan.
Web Dominator in coyote.
1" ladder loc, permanent in foliage.
1" D ring in foliage.
1" side release field expedient buckles in coyote.
Grimlocks in coyote, foliage and black.

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  1. The Supply Captain sells on ebay under the seller name emmado22, which they've been using even before they opened their Supply Captain website. It's usually cheaper to buy directly from their website, as the ebay listings have a little extra added into the price to cover the fees.