Thursday, August 5, 2010

D.I.Y. Alcohol Stove from an aluminium bottle.

So the alcohol stove craze is nothing new. I have seen countless posts on youtube, blogs and forums on how to make them. I'm not going to do a huge post about how to, just a few shots of me making one quickly just for kicks.

Here are some basic tools you'll need to do one pretty much strictly by hand. Tin snips, a couple triangle files, Measuring tape, large drill bit, 1/8" drill bit, 1/16" drill bit. Not pictured, drill, pop rivet gun and pop rivets, flat file.

 I started with a Venom energy drink bottle, cut the top off, and the bottom. Measured out to fit together of course. also making three notches in the top to let the fuel into the inside wall of the finished stove. Made them with the triangle files.

Here is a detail shot on the notches in the top of the bottle.

Here is the stove after being forced together and pop riveted. I prefer using JB Weld but I was trying to hurry on this one.

Here is the inside of the stove after it was finished, you'll notice it has those notches inside to let the fuel flow into the inside wall.

My preferred fuel is denatured alcohol. I dye mine purple so it doesn't get mixed in with anything else in my pack. it looks black here but it's not. a drop of blue and red food coloring works wonders.

Look close and you can see the flames wrapping around the pot. I used stainless pot that I had in the garage, not my backpacking kitchen pot. (didn't want to dig it out.)

The water boiling after about three and a half minutes! Not too bad at altitude. (remember, I live at 5280, so home has altitude here!)

Make yourself a stove, it's fun, and super light for your backpacking kitchen! One thing I always say is, try to make your own gear, but don't be afraid to buy something you need!

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